What’s Ahead for 2015

Just wanted to do a quick post to write down my 2015 plans and a few goals, so here they are in no particular order….

1.  Complete a marathon (not in misery) – done 1/25/2015 Time: 4:30:17

2.  Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – yep, that little oversleeping incident last year means that I haven’t actually finished an Oly.  I will be racing the Lake Logan Oly August 9th, 2015.

3. Finish NOLA 70.3 April 19th, 2015 in the same time or better than I did Augusta 70.3 2014 – the swim isn’t downstream, so I have some time to make up on the swim, so I’m not looking to necessarily beat it, just want to at least meet it.

4. Complete at least 1 century ride – need to figure out which one to do or do my own 😉

5.  I will be attending Peak Racing Team’s IMFL camp this year in September ( http://peakracingteam.com/pcb_camp/ ) – I have some work to do before then to prepare for the camp since it is a 140.6 camp

6.  Attend the Peak Racing Team’s Gaps camp ( http://peakracingteam.com/gaps_camp/ ) and complete the rides.  I am honestly more concerned about completing the rides at this camp than I am about anything else on this list.  I don’t know that I’ll be quite ready to do this in March, but we’ll see.

7.  Run a 5K in under 25 minutes – yeah, that’s going to be a challenge.  I originally thought 26, but I’ve come pretty close to that in the middle of a half marathon, so if it doesn’t scare you, you’re not setting your goals high enough, right?  I have a 5K in March which will be my first in almost 2 years, so it’s time to set a new PR.  I’m hoping to be under 26 minutes at it.

8.  Register for an Ironman for 2016 – the idea of this no longer scares me, which makes me question my sanity.

9. Finish Augusta 70.3 in under 6:05 – um, yeah, not sure if that’s crazy or what.  That’s taking just over 20 minutes off my time of 6:25:39 from last year. I’m hoping to take off about 13-15 on the bike, 5-7 on the run, and maybe 1-2 on the swim, so we shall see.

10. Finish Raleigh 70.3 in under 6:30 in May 2015.  Since this one is only a month after NOLA, no big plans here….just looking to finish.

11. Finish the Marine Corp Marathon in under 4:15 – This could be hard considering it’s only a month after Augusta, but we’ll see.

12. Finish 2015 injury free!