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I’m a wife, mom, math teacher, USAT Certified Coach, and triathlete who loves to look for the next challenge. I’ve been a life long athlete and coach with over 7 years experience coaching gymnasts through the optional level and another 3 years of coaching softball. After almost 9 years off from sports and coaching to focus on family, I was looking for a way to get active again, so I began running again in 2012. After a few years of running and competing in triathlons, I felt like something was still missing. I missed coaching, so this year, I completed my USAT coaching certification and have started coaching runners and triathletes. My previous experience with gymnasts and the required focus on form, injury prevention, and conditioning helps me have a keen awareness about these aspects of triathlon as well. I hope to use that knowledge to help triathletes take their game to the next level.

This page shares my personal journey since I started running again, and I hope to inspire others by sharing my struggles and accomplishments in my journey.  I’ve already done more than I ever thought I could, and you can too!

What’s in store for 2016, my first two full Ironmans.   Stay tuned…….

Current PR’s

  • 5K 24:46 ShamRock N Roll at Atlantic Station
  • 10K Charles Harris Run for Leukemia 49:36
  • Half Marathon 1:55:57 Soldier Half Marathon Columbus, GA
  • Marathon: Marine Corp Marathon 4:13:21 Washington D.C.
  • Olympic Triathlon Hartwell YMCA Tri 2:45:58
  • Half Ironman: Augusta 70.3 5:44:41 Augusta, GA
After completing my first triathlon at Callaway Gardens, time 1:03:12

After completing my first triathlon at Callaway Gardens, time 1:03:12

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