2015 Wrap up/2016 What’s ahead

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ll try to keep it brief.  A lot has happened since July.  I went back to work full time as a high school math teacher, continued training, and I raced my “A” race which was Augusta 70.3.  I PR’d with a 5:44:41.  I’ll spare you the details since I forgot to write a timely race report, and quite honestly, I don’t remember the details, but I was thrilled with my results.

After Augusta, I had Marine Corp Marathon on the books for October.  With teaching full time, training became pretty difficult, so how do I compensate?  Register for IM Lake Placid of course, and as if that wasn’t enough, sometime during the last quarter of the year, I thought it’d be wise to register for a second IM when North Carolina opened.  Training for MCM continued, and I survived.

The weekend of MCM, Dani and I drove to Washington D.C. Friday night after I got off work.  We arrived at our hotel around 4AM Saturday, raced Sunday, and drove home Sunday.  I wouldn’t advise my travel strategy, but it worked and I got a PR( 4:13:21).  Gotta love road trips, but 20 hours(10+ each way) in the car the weekend of a marathon might not be the best choice.  I like to do things my own way though.

After the MCM, my race season was finished.  I decided in November that I needed some time to figure out my training schedule, so I asked my coach to let me go a couple of weeks unstructured.  He came back with “why don’t you take a month or two off and come back mid-January?  You’ve been training 3 years straight with no time off.”  Ummm, ok.  I needed him to say that in November because honestly, I was on the verge of burn out.  With working full time, the crazy finish to my race season, and signing up for the upcoming IM’s, I was feeling like I was drowning.  I think he had caught on to this considering my Training Peaks account had a lot more red than it has ever had in the last 2+ years with him coaching me.  So, I agreed to take the time off and come back mid-January.  BEST ADVICE EVER!  I honestly wouldn’t have ever decided to take that time off without the prompting from him.  It was the fear that if I took the time off I would lose some fitness and starting back would be hard.  It was also (believe it or not) a feeling of weakness to admit that I needed a break.

Needless to say, my coach knows me, which brings me to this last part.  Just after Christmas, my coach informed me that he was switching to a different team.  I immediately told him I was going where he was going without hesitation and without know what team he was going to.  It wasn’t a question of a team.  It was a matter of staying with the coach that I had chosen 2+ years(3 years next month) earlier and who had gotten me through 4-70.3’s, 2 marathons, and numerous other races with PR’s that were still coming left and right.  I also have my biggest year yet coming up, and I wasn’t changing coaches going into my IM year, so there was no doubt I was going where my coach was going because it was about the trust and relationship we had developed as athlete and coach.  Would I miss my teammates? Yes. Would some teammates not understand why I’d jump ship? Probably. Would feelings be hurt? Yes. Would I still see my teammates? Yes.  Was I disappointed to have to change teams?  Yes.

So, at the end of December I left my old team and followed Coach Chuck (Charles Sims a.k.a BAMF) to TriCoachGeorgia ( http://www.tricoachgeorgia.com ). For someone who keeps her circle small, coming into a team like TriCoachGeorgia should be hard, but they have made it surprisingly easy.  I will probably continue to take my time meeting people in person just because that’s how I am, but the group is very active on their private Facebook page which encouragement, joking, training, etc.  I feel like I’m getting to know a lot of their personalities already, and they have all be extremely welcoming.  The “Do Your Job” phrase they use runs deep with the team through the positive energy and work I see each of them doing.  Talk about motivation, no being a slug with this group of athletes around you busting their tails.  They truly are a fun group that likes to banter back and forth….my kind of people because I’m quite the smart ass, but I’m keeping that on the down low for now. 😉  I think we’ll only let Coach C see that side still for now.

All in all, the transition has been super easy and fun.  I can’t wait to spend this upcoming year racing with this group of misfits!



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