2015 Wrap up/2016 What’s ahead

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ll try to keep it brief.  A lot has happened since July.  I went back to work full time as a high school math teacher, continued training, and I raced my “A” race which was Augusta 70.3.  I PR’d with a 5:44:41.  I’ll spare you the details since I forgot to write a timely race report, and quite honestly, I don’t remember the details, but I was thrilled with my results.

After Augusta, I had Marine Corp Marathon on the books for October.  With teaching full time, training became pretty difficult, so how do I compensate?  Register for IM Lake Placid of course, and as if that wasn’t enough, sometime during the last quarter of the year, I thought it’d be wise to register for a second IM when North Carolina opened.  Training for MCM continued, and I survived.

The weekend of MCM, Dani and I drove to Washington D.C. Friday night after I got off work.  We arrived at our hotel around 4AM Saturday, raced Sunday, and drove home Sunday.  I wouldn’t advise my travel strategy, but it worked and I got a PR( 4:13:21).  Gotta love road trips, but 20 hours(10+ each way) in the car the weekend of a marathon might not be the best choice.  I like to do things my own way though.

After the MCM, my race season was finished.  I decided in November that I needed some time to figure out my training schedule, so I asked my coach to let me go a couple of weeks unstructured.  He came back with “why don’t you take a month or two off and come back mid-January?  You’ve been training 3 years straight with no time off.”  Ummm, ok.  I needed him to say that in November because honestly, I was on the verge of burn out.  With working full time, the crazy finish to my race season, and signing up for the upcoming IM’s, I was feeling like I was drowning.  I think he had caught on to this considering my Training Peaks account had a lot more red than it has ever had in the last 2+ years with him coaching me.  So, I agreed to take the time off and come back mid-January.  BEST ADVICE EVER!  I honestly wouldn’t have ever decided to take that time off without the prompting from him.  It was the fear that if I took the time off I would lose some fitness and starting back would be hard.  It was also (believe it or not) a feeling of weakness to admit that I needed a break.

Needless to say, my coach knows me, which brings me to this last part.  Just after Christmas, my coach informed me that he was switching to a different team.  I immediately told him I was going where he was going without hesitation and without know what team he was going to.  It wasn’t a question of a team.  It was a matter of staying with the coach that I had chosen 2+ years(3 years next month) earlier and who had gotten me through 4-70.3’s, 2 marathons, and numerous other races with PR’s that were still coming left and right.  I also have my biggest year yet coming up, and I wasn’t changing coaches going into my IM year, so there was no doubt I was going where my coach was going because it was about the trust and relationship we had developed as athlete and coach.  Would I miss my teammates? Yes. Would some teammates not understand why I’d jump ship? Probably. Would feelings be hurt? Yes. Would I still see my teammates? Yes.  Was I disappointed to have to change teams?  Yes.

So, at the end of December I left my old team and followed Coach Chuck (Charles Sims a.k.a BAMF) to TriCoachGeorgia ( http://www.tricoachgeorgia.com ). For someone who keeps her circle small, coming into a team like TriCoachGeorgia should be hard, but they have made it surprisingly easy.  I will probably continue to take my time meeting people in person just because that’s how I am, but the group is very active on their private Facebook page which encouragement, joking, training, etc.  I feel like I’m getting to know a lot of their personalities already, and they have all be extremely welcoming.  The “Do Your Job” phrase they use runs deep with the team through the positive energy and work I see each of them doing.  Talk about motivation, no being a slug with this group of athletes around you busting their tails.  They truly are a fun group that likes to banter back and forth….my kind of people because I’m quite the smart ass, but I’m keeping that on the down low for now. 😉  I think we’ll only let Coach C see that side still for now.

All in all, the transition has been super easy and fun.  I can’t wait to spend this upcoming year racing with this group of misfits!



Goals accomplished from 2015 & 2016 goals

2016 GOALS:

I’ll keep this list short

  1. Complete IM Lake Placid
  2. Complete IM North Carolina
  3. Finish season injury free
  4. Finish one IM in under 13 hours (yeah, big goal, this is the icing on the cake for the year)
  5. Complete coaching certification-attending class in April in Myrtle Beach

2015 Goals:

So, here are my goals that I posted to my blog in Feb and how I did at completing them.

February 18, 2015

1. Complete a marathon (not in misery) – done 1/25/2015 Time: 4:30:17 completed again at MCM on 10/25 in 4:13:21

2. Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – yep, that little oversleeping incident last year means that I haven’t actually finished an Oly. Done: Lake Hartwell Oly June 27th, 2015 2:45:58 and Lake Logan Oly August 9th, 2015 2:49:32

3. Finish NOLA 70.3 April 19th, 2015 in the same time or better than I did Augusta 70.3 2014 – the swim isn’t downstream, so I have some time to make up on the swim, so I’m not looking to necessarily beat it, just want to at least meet it. Done: 5:52:06

4. Complete at least 1 century ride – need to figure out which one to do or do my own wink emoticon frown emoticon Decided to skip this one this year. It never fit in with my race schedule

5. I will be attending Peak Racing Team’s IMFL camp this year in September – I have some work to do before then to prepare for the camp since it is a 140.6 camp…..Camp was cancelled.

6. Attend the Peak Racing Team’s Gaps camp and complete the rides. I am honestly more concerned about completing the rides at this camp than I am about anything else on this list. I don’t know that I’ll be quite ready to do this in March, but we’ll see. DONE! I survived with the help of Peak Racing Team. Big thanks to Alfonso Ahuja for leading me up the last bit of Hog Pen. It was a great camp and confidence boost going into the season.

7. Run a 5K in under 25 minutes – yeah, that’s going to be a challenge. I originally thought 26, but I’ve come pretty close to that in the middle of a half marathon, so if it doesn’t scare you, you’re not setting your goals high enough, right? I have a 5K in March which will be my first in almost 2 years, so it’s time to set a new PR. I’m hoping to be under 26 minutes at it. Done: The ShamRock ‘N Roll 5K in March came in at 24:46, and I placed in my age group.

8. Register for an Ironman for 2016 – the idea of this no longer scares me, which makes me question my sanity. Done: Ummm, yeah, apparently someone should slap me when ideas no longer scare me because I registered for 2 in 2016! Lake Placid and Beach 2 Battleship, guess it’s going to be a busy year.

9. Finish Augusta 70.3 in under 6:05 – um, yeah, not sure if that’s crazy or what. That’s taking just over 20 minutes off my time of 6:25:39 from last year. I’m hoping to take off about 13-15 on the bike, 5-7 on the run, and maybe 1-2 on the swim, so we shall see. Done: Augusta 70.3 2015 was completed in 5:44:41 I added a tad over 1 minute to my swim unsure emoticon, took off over 26 minutes on bike, and over 13 minutes on the run.

10. Finish Raleigh 70.3 in under 6:30 in May 2015. Since this one is only a month after NOLA, no big plans here….just looking to finish. Done: Finished in 6:09:01

11. Finish the Marine Corp Marathon in under 4:15 – This could be hard considering it’s only a month after Augusta, but we’ll see. Done: Longest run going into MCM was 15 miles, so I wasn’t sure if I’d blow up around mile 20, but I finished in 4:13:21 with strong splits in the last half of the marathon.

12. Finish 2015 injury free! DONE!!!!!!