While I run…

Right about now, I’m probably around the 20 mile mark.  Yep, I’m pretty talented.  I can blog while I run.  Lol, not really.  I just wanted this to post while I’m running, so I set the time to post now…let’s hope I’m actually doing that well! LOL!!!  This post really goes out to all my running buddies, whether you’ve ran a 20+ mile run with me, a 3 mile run, seen me at the beginning or end, shared an encouraging word, or anywhere in between, you’ve all been an integral part of me getting to this 20 mile mark today.

As I run these last 6.2 miles, you better believe that I’m thinking about those of you who are tracking me, posting encouraging words on my FB or twitter feeds, trucking from point to point on the course to cheer me on, or just waiting to hear how I did.  Those thoughts are helping to keep me going even though every part of my body from my head to toe is most likely in pain.  I especially appreciate those of you who run a LOT faster than me that have shared encouraging words and advice throughout my training and showed an interest in how I was doing.  Making time to share advice and ask or comment on my runs has been greatly appreciated, just a simple “way to go!” or “great job” goes further than you realize coming from you guys, and perhaps, at times, has caused some dirt to get in my eye.  To those of you who are making me feel like a rock star right now by saying you admire my dedication and drive, well, thanks, but I couldn’t do it without your words & support, and I don’t feel deserving……but just thanks.

At last, not to leave anyone out, but I do have a couple of people that have ran with me for THIS training that I need to say a special thanks to:

Jason- well, he didn’t run with me, but he has supported me through this entire process.  He is my rock, he believes in me, and he never seems surprised by what I can accomplish.  He supports me in everything I say I want to do.  He never asks me why I run.  He never tells me he wishes I didn’t.  He never tells me it takes too much of my time.  He never says anything about the dishes or clothes that get left undone because I’m exhausted.  He never complains about me buying more running shoes or clothes.  For all of those things, I am thankful and very blessed to have the husband I do.  We’ll celebrate 15 years this year, and I can say that I wouldn’t want to spend 15 years with anyone else!

Dani- I can’t wait to do this again with you in the future(just don’t ask me today if I’m still up for that, give me a wee or two).  I sooooo wish you were here running now, but I can’t thank you enough for being here to cheer me on.  Running can bring together people like nothing else.  I swear I would have quit running after my first half if it hadn’t been for meeting you, and now, I’ve ran 8 half marathons and will complete my first full today.  You’ve lifted me up when I thought I couldn’t finish runs (even if you didn’t realize it).  You’ve stuck with me coming back from injury when I needed a slower buddy, and you’ve ran with me on long runs for this marathon through your pain.  I can’t wait for you to be back out on the road with me.  I can’t wait to support you for your first marathon!  You can do it and will.  Plus, I need a nurse around in case of an allergic reaction.  😉

Jeneen – Girl, you are one determined chick!  You’re somewhere in front of me now, probably about finished.  When you started running with us, we were circling for you, but you quickly got up to speed, and you just continue to gain speed.  You’re faster than me now, but you remember how it all started, and you’ve given back to me in the same way by looping for me when I didn’t have a training partner towards the end of this training.  You’ve never hesitated to say, “come on, I’ll loop you.”  We’ve figured out a way to make that work, and for that, I’m blessed.  Some of those last few long runs I think I would have stopped at times and walked, but I had to keep going because I didn’t want to hold you up.  I honestly don’t think I’d have completed the training after Dani got hurt without you.  You’re determination and drive are quite likely the strongest of anyone I’ve met.  You’re my train up partner, and believe it or not, your intense nature tends to calm me, lol.

Michelle – We’ve only gotten to know each other in the last 2 months probably, and I’m still learning about you, but you’re another determined chick, and I still can’t believe that you jumped in on the marathon band wagon already.  I think it’s because you are a little c-r-a-z-y.  Crazy in a good way though, I can’t wait to train for future races with you more.  You keep me laughing and upbeat with some of your insane post.  You’ve joined me for several mid-week runs for which I would have been on my own without you.  I know you’re going to crush this marathon even though you are doubting yourself.  You’ve grown so much as a runner in such a short time since joining our group.  You’ve got this!

I could go on about several others, but enough with the mushy stuff.  I just want to say thanks for the encouraging words from all of you out there.

Now, let’s finish this last 6.2 miles!

One thought on “While I run…

  1. I’m blessed to have met YOU. I wouldn’t have kept running if you hadn’t circled for me. That’s what this is all about. Finishing times fade. Friendship is forever.

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