Marathon Eve…..

So, I’ve been pretty quiet, okay, okay, I’ve be SILENT the last few weeks.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  I’ve been dealing with some nagging calf pain for a while for which I didn’t feel like (read that as I was scared of) going to the doctor, so rather than going, I tried to “baby” the leg for about a month.  Yep, I hear your condescending tones asking, “and how’d that work out for you?”  Well, not too well unfortunately.  By babying the calf, I think I altered my stride and re-injured my hip from last year.

My last run that I completed at my planned pace was Feb. 4th.  I tried a couple of more runs over the next week, and neither of then went well.  I skipped my last long run of 22 miles, and I’ve taken the last 2+ weeks totally off because 2 weeks would have been Feb 26th which was the day after my last 3 mile run in the taper, so I could run my 2 mile run today on the 28th, but at this point, what good is that going to do, and it may end up making me hurt for my marathon the next day on March 1st, sooooo, long story short, I’m taking 2.5 weeks totally off running prior to my marathon, and I’m hoping the calf pain and hip pain have subsided enough that I can run a decent amount of the marathon and not end up walking more than my 3:1 ratio.

Oh!  And to top that off, right around the 14th I started getting sinus headaches that have continued despite medicine, so today I bit the bullet and went to the dr.  She gave me a shot of antibiotics, a steroid shot, and a prescription for antibiotics, so I’m hoping they don’t mess with my stomach.  Good news, it’s all just head congestion and drainage, no chest congestion.

Needless to say, everything seems to be going against me for this weekend’s marathon (my first) except for the weather.  At least if it takes me an extended amount of time, I’ll have 70 degrees for the high in which to stroll the remaining miles.

The up side of all of this going against me, I’ve learned to listen to everyone about time and your first marathon.  I just want to finish.  Not saying that I’m not going to try for my goal times still, but I know whatever time I get I can improve on without injury.  I don’t feel stressed out.  I’m not nervous.  It is what it is.  I have a strange calm about me that I didn’t really expect for the marathon.  I don’t get overly stressed about races anyway, but I really thought the marathon would stress me out or make me nervous, but it hasn’t.  My training went well other than the last couple of weeks.  It actually went better than expected, so maybe that’s why I’m not nervous.  I know I can complete the mileage.  It might not be as fast as I planned, but I’ll get it done.

My only remaining concern is that I can walk the next day, but the good news is…… Half Ironman Training starts March 2nd.  Yeah baby!  That’s right.  I’m signed up for the Half Ironman in Augusta, GA on Sept. 28th, 2014.  No backing out now, entry fee is paid, and Coach Chuck from Peak Racing ( ) is hired.  I’m hoping the coaching and the cross training nature of the triathlon will keep me injury free!  I’ll try to do a better job of posting about that journey and how it goes.

Feel free to track my marathon times on Sat. March 1st through twitter @stephaniemid

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